Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How to be a Bad Ass Girl Guide...

So back in the day I was a Girl Guide for a lonnnng time. We're talking 10 years here. Which is no laughing matter. (Ok its a lil funny) I used to feel embarrassed when I told people about this particular part of me. I mean c'mon. How many people do you know who went to Spark camp, Brownies, Girl Guides, Pathfinders annnd Rangers? It seems like a lifetime ago, but yes, I collected badges, sold cookies and wore the most ridiculous (and might I add 80's looking colour combo'd) outfits on a regular basis.

And what can I say that its done for me?

Actually a hellluva lot. While most kids were hanging out at home on random Wednesday nights, I was at Girl Guides, going outside, learning how to sew, making christmas tree ornaments, playing circle games, singing camp songs, telling ghost stories and planning ahead for camping trips. It sounds super chipper, and it was for the most part. But do you know what this armed me with? A serious understanding and practical knowledge of the outdoor world. Ok fine maybe not the ornaments, ghost stories or circle games, but the other stuff definitely. At 6 years old I could go to the bathroom in the woods; at 7 years old, I knew how to forage for appropriate kindling and construct a teepee fire; by 8 I was steering a canoe; and by the time I was 16 I could create a meal plan for a 3 day trip, pack an overnight sack, hang my own food out of the reach of bears and tell you the best strategy for manhunt. I was basically a highly trained espionage agent...

On the real, I am so thankful that I was handed these amazing experiences. Girl Guides helped to ground me. It gave me a strong platform to build on and helped me earn a degree in Environmental studies that I can say I am proud of. Every day this understanding aids me in thinking critically about the issues affecting the natural world in a socially thoughtful and politically motivated way. Also, if shit goes down, I know how to handle business.

I know everyone these days is kinda freaked out about where the world is headed and moreover the whole 2012 thing. But if your like me, and you believe that things happen for a reason, than I have to share something with you.

(Before I lay it all out there, I want you to suspend your disbelief for 2 whole minutes and then you can do whatever you want with this information)

I strongly believe that what you put out there comes back to you. Specifically, if you put good vibes into anything, school or work for example, (and you work hard), you will see results. This isn't some BS I dreamt up to get you on side; I truly believe this works. It's called positive manifestation. Literally, if you think about it hard enough, put all of your positive energy into it, and give it your best, eventually it will manifest. (Obviously timeline is crucial to most of us and that's why this concept is lost on far too many, but alas I digress). Now let's flip the script. If you put out negative energy, or simply put your energy into negative actions, than the reverse is to be expected. Like for example, if your in a shitty mood, and your depressed or angry about something, what are the chances that you stub your toe. (It's happened to all of us, and yes maybe its just coincidence, but isn't all coincidence the outcome of some action heretofore unknown i.e. in your craptacular mood, you didn't feel like pushing in that chair all the way? Or rather a nudge from the universe to stop you in your tracks?) Sounds inane enough but when it happens it only adds insult to injury, spurring on your original depression or anger, and thus the negativity continues in a self-perpetuating cycle.

If we think about this logically, than what are the chances that all of the negative energy out there, propelled forward by mass poverty, greed, pollution and fear-mongering by the media, manifests in some catastrophic way?

Hold the phone! wait a minute you say! What about Y2K?! Everyone thought something bad was gonna happen, and nothing did! The worst that came out of that was some crazy people hoarding bottled water and canned food in their basements!

Fair enough. I'm only bringing this up for arguments sake. I believe that something is going to happen. Whether it be a continuation of all the earthquakes, tsunami's, volcanic eruptions, disease outbreaks and riots that have already arisen, a zombie apocalypse or just a mass paradigm shift of how we think about the world. (Paradigm shift meaning a philosophical or theoretical framework of any kind - in this case a shift away from greed or rather a shift towards conscientious thought).

What I'm tryna tell ya, is that if shit goes down, you best bet that I'm using all of my Girl Guide knowledge to keep me alive. Like I said, I believe that things happen for a reason. Maybe there was no reason why my parents decided it was a good idea to send me, a scrawny lil brown girl, to Sparks way back in the early 90s. Or maybe the reason has yet to unfold. Who knows? All I know is that I'm educated, empowered and I have a plan. (No, I can't share it with you, but I can definitely help you, and maybe if we're close enough friends, than you can come along too). In the mean time I want to make sure all of you are well protected.

Maybe I sound a little hysterical or just plain ridiculous, but this is some free advice (take it or leave it) -- Think about how your actions might impact the lives of other and live your life (to the fullest) in a conscientious way. And for god's sake learn some survival skills a la Girl Guides.. there's nothing wrong with being prepared.

to be continued...

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