Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A New Age: the Urban Hippie

As a young, innocent, recent grad from the Bachelors of Environment program (Environment & Culture: Philosophy, Arts, Technology and Culture) at York University, I’ve so far experienced a lot of heartache and melancholy.  Mostly because I haven’t found a great job.

So, here I am.  Starting this blog.  Because I want to do something meaningful in the meantime.

I realized over the summer, while the beautiful city of Toronto is crawling with hipsters and fashion forward people, that I lie somewhere in the indistinct middle.  At times I can appear very “hip”.  This regrettably only means that I take an extra hour to get ready in the morning.  Other times, I am what one would call my true self - I am comfortable.  The milieu is the interesting part.  I rationalize all of this by telling myself that I neither care (which sometimes is not true), or I am above all those people who take themselves too seriously (I’m not).

So with that in mind, I am starting this here blog.  So that I can actually quantify how all of this makes me truly feel deep down.

I would formally like to introduce to you (drum roll please…) the Urban Hippie.

I am what you would call an Urban Hippie.  I love being outside, going canoeing, camping and playing guitar.  I also love fashion and beauty products, doing my hair, clubbing till the wee hours of the morning and driving my car (for the most part).  So this is how I am reconciling my two alter-egos.  At some level I find it soothing because I know there are others like me.  People who went to Girl Guides for 10 years and who clubbed their asses off in their university days.  People who don’t scream at the sight of bugs and who (closeted) watch Jersey Shore.  People who know how to start a raging campfire and identify more than 5 species of plants that grow locally (garlic mustard, marigold, Jewel-weed otherwise known as “touch-me-not’s”, milkweed, American Ash, Sugar Maple) and who know how to navigate all of the majors in Toronto while texting (sorry dad) and wearing 4 inch pumps.

I am reaching out to you.  Because I think - quite shrewdly - that I’m not alone.  The only thing more closeted than Queen Latifah and Tom Cruise put together is the Urban Hippie.

Welcome :)


  1. Couldn't have been a more apt moment than this to come across your intro on twitter. I was trying to convince a friend of mine earlier that there's a hippie hiding somewhere within me. Closeted like you. :)

  2. Awesome. and thank god. I wish that every person would embrace their inner hippie a bit more. or at least bake them some hippie friendly cookies ;)

  3. Haha, looking forward to keeping up with your urban hippy ways!

  4. Hey! Looking forward to reading more!